Voices of a Generation

Voices of a Generation

By: Vittoria Towery @Black_Cat630 

They told us when we were children that we could be anything. They told us that once we became adults, with steady jobs and income, we could begin to make a real difference. They told us this world was our oyster, and, that when we acquired our maturity, it would be ours for the taking.

However, they neglected to mention the obstacles and restrictions that we would inherit from our forefathers. The fact that the world we are to be granted would be on the verge of irreversible catastrophe was passed over. They even evaded telling us how little our opinions would matter to those in charge of our governments compared to those who were already “established” within their fields. Whether this was an egregious oversight, or a willful omission, we were lied to.

In this day we face so many matters of contention. They are dire issues that we are unfortunately destined to inherit. Perhaps it is a result of this that depression, frustration, anxiety, fear, and hate run rampant in our society today. Accordingly, people have progressively begun to feel as if they don’t matter. Many have begun to feel as if their existence is meaningless, and that they will never accomplish anything significant with their life. Our climate is on the brink of collapse, our governments sit at the edge of chaos and enmity, and as a possible side effect, society is descending into apathy. While we watch all of this, we are told to behave and keep quiet. Furthermore, we are told that we’re too young to understand what’s important to our community. WE are told that, only with age, comes the understanding of how the world works. As if our opinions, thoughts, and dreams are only child’s play in the realm of adults. We are told to let the veteran, “deeply experienced” generation handle these things.

So we behave. We sit and watch as plan after plan fails. We watch the seasoned generation fail us again and again, letting stagnation and corruption gain a further foothold. It is as we watch that some may even begin to wonder if it’s worth fighting at all.

I want to tell you something. It’s worth it. YOU’RE worth it. We are the generation of tomorrow. Our voices matter. YOUR voice matters.

We have a responsibility to our communities, our nation, and yes, even to this planet that we call home. We must be driven to go into that proverbial battle for them. In addition, it’s our right to address and stand up for what we believe in. Our time is NOW, and our fight is here. As it is, our world isn’t perfect, nor is it likely to ever be. However, we can make it a better place for all. We can stand against tyranny in all it’s forms, speak up against the deplorable and immoral acts we witness, and we can stand up for those who might not be able to do it themselves. We can refuse to back down in the face of terrorism, oligarchy, and despotism.

In this technological age, we have the unparalleled and a singular ability to unite peoples of all races, beliefs, abilities, orientations, and nationalities to make a difference. We have the ability to stand together as a world to make our voices heard. We may be separated by miles of land and ocean, or by language or culture, but nevertheless, we have the ability to understand each other in a way that has, perhaps, never been seen before. Whether you are an up and coming business person, or a waitress at the local dive, together, we can make a difference.

Accordingly, we can be the catalyst for change. This isn’t just some minor or insignificant accomplishment. This is what is known as a revolution. So go out into the world, be heard, and help others to do battle as well. If we stand as one, unified under a mutual goal, those who would oppose us can not discount what we are compelled to say. They cannot hide behind their veil of intolerance. We ,the people, can remove this empire of ignorance and hate from power. We can create a better world, together. I implore you to keep on assembling, support and participate in marches, continue spreading the word. Show those who would seek to perpetuate a world of greed and avarice that our message is vital and strong. WE MATTER.

We can be a generation of heroes.


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Wendy Pierce
Wendy Pierce

Very well said.


Beautiful and inspiring piece. Thanks for sharing it.