Sunday, July 23, 2017

How you can help

What is is an independent news site featuring high quality, free, verified and sourced opinion pieces by resistance writers. is created to help galvanize the emerging age of activism.

Rather than a giant like Facebook, Resistanc is much more independent – and the network forms around writers in a loose way, but our values that bind us together are strong.

Already Live / Launched 1 week after Trump inaugurated is live and was launched as a response to the Trump inauguration.  The site is based on wordpress and is optimized for mobile devices.

How is different?

The idea of is to be the premier source for high quality resistance focused articles written by local authors and to also provide curated collections of the top news on the web. accepts articles from all the topics listed under the headings Action, People and Issues:


  • Demonstrations & Protests
  • Legal Battles
  • Petitions
  • Celebrity Allies
  • Support/Emergency Contacts


  • Climate Change and Energy
  • Foreign Policy and Security
  • Gun Control
  • Health Care
  • Job Discrimination


  • African American Rights
  • Disabled Rights
  • Families
  • LGBTQ+ Rights
  • Muslim Rights
  • Undocumented Rights
  • Veteran’s Rights

Local Writers

We have asked writers to tag local articles with city and state so we can build a local resource for each community, nationwide.

Quality System

All our articles are:

  • Peer Reviewed
  • Accurate / Fact Checked / Well Sourced
  • Provocative Writing that makes an Impact
  • Editorial Reviewed

We have asked all writers to be approved by 2 other writers (peers) on to ensure that all writing is well written, researched, has good grammar etc., and also is provocative and makes an impact.

All articles contain links to reliable, validated sources used.  All writers are expected to review articles by other writers.  In addition, We are setting up an editorial team composed published writers who have the final say in whether an article is published and what the ultimate headline is.

How do we intend to grow?

We are looking for writers with an engaged and loyal twitter following.  Each writer is asked to take ownership of promoting their new articles to their local audience.  We help them extend their reach by promoting it in the main twitter handle.

How writers Post Articles

To submit an article writers can go to this page: post your story

All articles are initially set to draft stage.  After they have posted the article is then sent to the peer review and editorial review process.  They are notified of when the post is published.


We allow writers to use a pseudonym, their real name, or write an anonymous piece.  We believe this can encourage more provocative writing to occur especially during a time when the incumbent administration may backlash against written pieces.


If you have any questions please reach on Twitter @randomizerity or email

Thank You!

Thank you for your support.  Get involved and share and retweet stories from and also if you have something to say then post a story, your voice matters.