Reasons to Be Against the New Healthcare Bill

I understand that there is a wide variety of opinions on healthcare with stories on both sides of why it is important. I agree with both. It is important to get it right. This bill that the Senate drafted is not getting it right. I could pick this apart piece by piece to show you what this bill’s flaws are, but that is being done by several people that are more highly educated than I. So I am going to give you the stories of why it is important that we get it right. Why it is important that we don’t fail in this.



There are countless more, but one could begin to see why so many are desperate to stop this particular healthcare legislation. Veterans, children, the elderly, and desperate parents are the ones that will be the hardest hit. The hashtag #americaspeaks out is full of these stories. It isn’t about being lazy or not wanting to work. It is simply so that someone can live. So that someone’s mother, father, children, or sibling can get the care they need just survive. To touch on why this fight is personal for me, I’ll go into a bit of detail. My grandmother is in a nursing home and without Medicaid/Medicare, wouldn’t get the constant care she needs. My other two grandparents are cancer survivors and again are dependent on it for their checkups. My aunt that lives with me is disabled and this bill would severely harm her access to the care she needs to function. My father is a war vet that again depends on care this bill would damage. That is the why behind this for me and for many others. That is why it is crucial to do two things. To not give up this fight until it is won completely. And most of all, to let them know they are not alone and never will be.

Amy Smith

Resistance member