Interview with our Popular Inspirational Author & Editor, Amy Smith

Amy Smith @fireheather is one of the Editors and a regular contributor to and she is also author of our most popular inspirational opinion piece. Below are her responses to a written interview.  This interview is part of a new series of interviews we are running with resistance members and contributors.

1. What are the three most important issues facing The Resistance today?

1) My top three may not be popular but they are the ones I’ve tried to focus on. Human rights whether it be racial, based on preference or gender is one of the biggest issues that face us today. They are all essentially pushing for the same thing, even if they go by different labels and are receiving similar answers. Getting people to see that we are all human is the key here. Environmental/wildlife protections have been under heavy fire since January and pose serious threats that we wouldn’t be able to recover from easily. The Endangered Species Act, repealing of the ban on cruel hunting practices, and the loosening of regulations for pollution would all be difficult to fix if not irreversible. Last but not least, to my mind, patriotism is becoming a big issue. I say this based not on how people voted or whether or not they did. It is based on a recent poll I seen that said 53% of Americans wanted Trump to resign if involvement with Russia was discovered. Most seen that as a good sign and ,in part, it is. I also see what else that means. That means 47% of people are alright with a foreign government dictating who leads us. That worries me.

2. What does it mean to be part of The Resistance?

To be a part of the Resistance means that you are resisting the trend towards fear and greed that is slowly trying to completely dominate our government. You don’t always have to succeed to be in the Resistance. Trying your best and not giving up is all that is required. In my opinion, that is.

3. What frustrates you most about “The Resistance” movement and what gives you the most hope?

What frustrates me the most is how some people are falling into some of the same traps that Trump’s voters get in to. Believing anything as long as it is anti-Trump is dangerous and gives the very thing we are resisting more fuel. There are people who didn’t vote either way in the election. They can be reasoned with, but we can only do that if we have credibility. Checking your facts goes a long way to maintaining that credibility. What gives me hope are the people that continue to speak out and be heard. The people that show up at marches and protests, the people that make the phone calls and emails, the ones who send postcards are overwhelming our representatives. I even read that one person made their voice known by having pizza delivered to Congress along with their concerns. Our ingenuity and persistence will win.

4. Which disenfranchised groups do you have personal experience in and can you describe these?

I have several groups that I have connections with. For starters, I have family in the military. My father is veteran of several wars. My nephews are enlisted. I have close friends that are part of the LGBT community. I live with my aunt who is permanently disabled. Religiously speaking, I am part of a minority religion that has seen its fair share of misunderstanding and distrust. I’m pagan, more specifically, a pagan witch. All of this is a very big part of why I am part of the Resistance.

5. What do you think are the most challenging aspect of the women’s movement in the resistance?

Coming together and maintaining the overall unity will be our biggest challenge. That is, in my opinion, the only thing that can stop us. If we can maintain the unity and bring women together for this cause, the rest is just a matter of picking which battle to win next.

6. What are the most vulnerable today, and what are you fears and hopes for their future?

The most vulnerable includes anyone who can’t fight back, in my opinion. Children, immigrants (both illegal and legal), animals, and anyone who looks or acts differently than what is considered mainstream have been targeted. It is difficult for me to pick just one group. Out of all those groups, the ones most at risk are our children mainly because every issue we fight for will directly affect them. When parents are taken by immigration, they are left behind. When they show signs of being different, they are looking out into the world for answers and acceptance. Most of all, they will have to live with the choices we make long after we are gone. They’ll be breathing the air and drinking the water. They’ll be educated by the standards of today. Our actions will decide whether or not they have the great diversity of wildlife we do or whether they’ll only have pictures. I think I’ll stop there as this is a topic I have a tendency to expound on at great length. My fear is that we lose this fight. My hope is that we win. My hope is stronger than my fear.

7. A. How can the Resistance make a difference? 

The Resistance is making a difference by doing things the way it has been doing them. Peaceful protests and marches show the world what we really are, Calls, letters, phone calls, and messages to our representatives tell them that their power comes with responsibility to us. Persistence, peace, and passion are insurmountable weapons. We will continue to use them well.

7.B. What is your vision for the Resistance?

My vision for the Resistance is a bit grandiose, I admit. My vision has people of different religions, ethnicity, and genders joining together for the simple goal of not letting our country or world descend into tyranny, bigotry, and greed. Of being the light in the darkness because others needed a light.

8.A. What do you think will happen over the next few months?

I think the web will continue to unravel as long as we keep pushing. As far as actual predictions go, there is still too much up in the air for anything specific.

8.B. Do you think Trump will be impeached?

Again, this depends on people doing what needs to be done. He will be held accountable, one way or another. Whether or not he is impeached depends on how much of Congress grows a spine.

9. Is there a single message most important message you want to communicate to The Resistance right now?

My message is simple but vital. You are not alone in this. Don’t give up. There is always hope.


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