Deficit of Hope? Challenge Accepted

This Inspirational Opinion / Essay is by resistanc writer @fireheather, Amy Smith.  It is a challenge to all in the resistance to overcome the new deficit of hope.  At the end are a collection of hand selected inspirational tweets from Smith.

A Deficit of Hope

We’ve been facing a deficit of hope in the last month. So many things have been compromised and threatened that it is hard to know where to start. Or where to stop. As one battle is won, the need for another arises so that people never see the good their actions have done. This has led to burn out in quite a few people. So I wanted to write this to remind people of one key thing that sometimes gets lost in the turmoil of the world. There is always hope. It sounds like a cheesy movie line (and has been before) but it is the truth.

Hope always lives as long as one person or one idea is able to endure.

No matter how much is thrown at us or how many battles we lose, we will only be defeated if we give up hope. So my challenge to the members of the resistance and to the world is to remind yourself daily what you are fighting for. What we are against doesn’t matter because our love for what we fight for is greater than any opponent. There may be a deficit of hope, but if we can create a movement of this magnitude in one month, imagine how much hope we could keep alive with that same determination. So challenge issued. Do you accept?

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Wendy Pierce
Wendy Pierce

Beautifully said.