Cotton says “Special Prosecutor” getting “ahead of ourselves”; appears unaware of “Special Master” motion filed with Supreme Court on March 17, 2017.

Speaking on Meet the Press today, with Chuck Todd, Senator Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) was asked about the assignment of a “Special Prosecutor” to investigate the allegations of foreign interference in the 2016 election – something raised by GOP Rep. Darrell Issa on Friday.

Chuck Todd asked “What point is it in the best interest of the country to sort of take it away from elected partisans at this point? Whether it’s a commission, I know a select commission, an outside commission, or a special prosecutor.”

Cotton replied “Well, I think that’s way, way getting ahead of ourselves here, Chuck.

Cotton seemed to be unaware of a motion filed with the The Supreme Court for an appointment of a “Special Master” to perform the investigation.  This is in addition to a Supreme Court “conference” to be held on March 17th filed by the group seeking to nullify the 2017 election due to Russian interference.  See article on this by from Thursday 24th February.

He continued “There’s no allegations of any crime occurring”, this is a lie.  There are no less than 3 FBI probes alleging Russian interference in the election which resulted in the Republican win.  The United States newspaper of record, the New York Times, reported US intelligence officials had found that Russian intelligence had engaged in sustained contact with Trump campaign aids during the 2016 election.

Cotton next said “There’s not even an indication that there’s criminal investigations underway by the F.B.I., as opposed to counterintelligence investigations, which the F.B.I. conducts all the time as our main counterintelligence bureau. If we get down that road, that’s a decision that Attorney General Sessions can make at the time.”  Jeff Sessions has refused to recuse himself from the investigation, despite being a direct beneficiary of the alleged crime.

Cotton then commented on the use of anonymous sources. “But right now, there’s no credible evidence of these contacts beyond anonymous sources in the media. And I’ve got to tell you, anonymous sources can’t always be trusted.”

To which, Chuck Todd replied. “Anonymous sources are how we found out about a lot of scandal in this country.”

Corrections:  This post was updated immediately after posting upon receiving clarification from Dr Kelly Sennholz regarding the nature of the Supreme Court “conference” as distinct from the motion filed.  This has been updated.  This appropriate and right correction does not negate the thrust of the article which insists that contrary to Cotton’s statement, the appointment of a Special Investigator (or Special Master) is not “way, way getting ahead of ourselves”.  Send comments to


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