Become a Resistanc Writer or Artist

We are now accepting writers and artists to  We are seeking to give a voice and image to the Resistance that is filled with fire, hope, and positive change coupled with truth, just action, and equality. Everyone has their own voice and everyone should have it heard. This is a guide/FAQ about how to be a writer or artist.

Our Process / Peer Reviewed Articles

Our process is very simple.  If you write a piece it has to be approved by 2 other writers (your peers) on, this is to ensure that all writing is well written, researched, has good grammar etc., and also is provocative and makes an impact.

Topics and Sources

We will accept articles from all the topics listed under Action, People and Issues, but if you have one we haven’t listed just dm @randomizerity.  All articles should have links to sources used in the article. Truth is the key here so sources are needed, unless you are basing it off of your opinion in which case that needs to be stated. If you have a local issue you want to write about, then you need to provide a tag of the city and state.

How to Post an Article

To submit an article just go to this page here:  post your story

All articles will be initially set to draft stage before approval.  After you have posted a story, please send a tweet or DM to @randomizerity to let us know.  The article will then be approved by 2 other writers before it is submitted for publication.  We will notify you before your post is published so that you can get the word out yourself. A link to each article will be posted on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. We will do our best to promote it, but some of that needs to come from you, as well.

How to submit Artwork

We have recently started a weekly highlight article on the Artists of the Resistance. This includes artwork of every possible medium. It is to highlight the creativity and hope that can arise from dark times. To submit artwork is relatively simple. Either tag @randomizerity in the post or send directly to the twitter account of the same name. You can also individualize your art into your own feature using our article submission page. We release one article a week at the moment, but that may change in the future. All credit will be given to the artist as well as responsibility for content. Keep in mind that the art will still be screened.


You can use a pseudonym or your real name, or write an anonymous piece. It is a matter of preference as we know not all are at liberty to be open about their views.


On all pages we accept donations from readers which go to help run the website.  We also, encourage all writers to create a donation button via Paypal or Donor box that they can include as a link on their article page if you wish to be paid for your work. We think it is important that the writer does what is best for their personal situation.

We urge you to help us be a voice for this movement. Make the light of the Resistance shine brighter with your words, thoughts, and actions.